Song sites, map and songs

Welcome to Elwood Singing Walking Trail, where you can hear and sing 12 songs connected to Elwood, at 12 Song-Sites around our parks, beach and canal!

Choose the song that matches your Song-Site location to get started.

Song credits can be found on word sheets.

If you explore this website further, you will find all sorts of other useful things, including: Detailed Route Guide, Further Information about the project, and FAQ.

Elwood Singing Walking Trail was created by Elwood Community Choir, Jeannie Marsh, and friends © 2022

Song site 1 – We Honour the Land

Song site 2 – Tumbalalaika

Song site 3 – Carry On

Song site 4 – In Toast We Trust

Song site 5 – The Wark o’ the Weavers

Song site 6 – The Sea

Song site 7 – La Mar Estaba Serena

Song site 8 – Nerm

Song site 9 – Round the Cape

Song site 10 – All About Elwood

Song site 11 – The Rakali Hop

Song site 12 – Elwood Song

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