Our Values

ESNLC has provided services to the local community for over 30 years. The centre provides non- accredited vocational training such as Work skills, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and various levels of computer training are our strengths. Whilst we rely on individuals to take up our services we also work in partnership with local employment and social support organisations to develop learning programs the work toward building community resilience and social capital. Learning improves people’s life chances, mental health and positive community engagement.


To be a warm, vibrant and inclusive hub, supporting, educating and empowering members of the Elwood and St Kilda communities, with links to surrounding communities.


To provide a quality learning environment and opportunities for community connection through the active commitment of the ESNLC committee, staff, teachers and volunteers.

Not for profit

Our programs are very inexpensive because our aim is to educate and sustain an operation for people in need, not to do business. We want to help those who have not been able to complete their education due to lack of finances, lack of language learning or any other obstacles that may have prevented to finish their education. In order to sustain the operation we are also working on a program of short courses with highly qualified instructors to offer the professional community of Port Phillip an alternative to learn and recreate themselves.

The Constitution