Native Kitchen Garden

Currently an amazing small team of short term volunteers are working hard to get our kitchen garden ready in our courtyard.  Long term we will be having a garden club to manage the kitchen garden and hopefully selling some produce at low cost.  We will be holding regular seed swaps and maintaining a seed library.  The kitchen garden will be populated with native indigenous edible and medicinal plants for our native fauna and our native people and rely on sustainable practices. We have wicking beds from VEG’s and tiered garden beds made from recycled chip packets from BioFilta. We would be grateful for donations of native plants at this stage; please contact us and our Garden Group will let you know what we need.

If you would like to be a part of the team planning the garden and sharing your knowledge of how to plant, where to plant and what to plant and have a maximum of 3 months to comit, please email us on [email protected]

We are sharing our learnings around creating and maintaining a native indigenous urban garden to show you it can be done and how. You can follow our progress on Istagram: elwoodkitchengarden,