Get your child car restraint checked for free by a Professional fitter who will ensure your child car restraint is installed and is being used correctly, as well as educate you and your family so everyone is equipped to check that their child is safe in the car every trip. ESNLC is proud to host the Safe Seats, Safe Kids Program for the Port Phillip area. NHVic and Kidsafe Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government for the program. Correctly fitted child car restraints and booster seats play a crucial part in protecting children from serious injury and death in the event of an accident. Alarmingly, 70 per cent of these are not correctly fitted or used, making injury around seven times more likely. Click on the link below and search for Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre as a location and book. Every Friday from 10-2pm at the front car park of 87 Tennyson Street, Elwood 3184. To ensure the safety of all that attend, we would remind everyone to use the standard government guidelines at the time of booking/confirmation, i.e. social distancing, washing hands/sanitizing hands between every client, and being very clear about if you have flu-like symptoms, do not attend, cancel your appointment.