We need a Trea$urer!

We are looking for new committee members to join our wonderful organisation

If you believe in the value of the Community Education and Development provided by Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre [ESNLC] and would like to be part of the Committee of Management then we have a place for you at our Committee table.

ESNLC is looking for energetic, passionate people to:

  • Influence policy decisions impacting the organisation
  • Build community networks
  • Act as change and growth catalysts in the community
  • Serve as ambassadors for the organisation
  • Apply a skill set in any of the following desired areas to assist with strategic direction:
    • HR/IR
    • Marketing, Promotion and Media
    • Legal knowledge
    • Financial Management
    • Policies and Procedures

Our requirements are simple. Committee members must:

  • Be a member of ESNLC.
  • Be familiar with the ESNLC constitution.
  • Attend ten monthly Committee meetings: Every 4th Wednesday of the month from 7-8.30pm and the Annual General Meeting in May.
  • Actively participate in strategic planning and committee work.
  • Represent ESNLC occasionally at external events.
  • Publicly support the work of the sector in the community.

Interested? Submit your Expression of Interest with an attached CV to manager@esnlc.com.au