Beginner Computer Skills Class


This hands-on class will provide you with the basic knowledge to use a computer. Practical exercises will help you learn basic computer terminology and concepts, how to navigate the Desktop and Start menu, launch and exit programs and save and retrieve files. Learn how to begin browsing the internet and understand anti-virus software. You will gain the skills needed to go on with our more advanced computer classes.

Class Details

  • Fridays TBD
  • Each term starts at the same time as children’s public school terms.
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Cost: $50 ($35 concession)
  • Pre-requisites: No prior knowledge of computers or Windows is required. Access to a computer is strongly recommended, or you can practice on ours at the House at no cost while undertaking the course.

Class Content

Gain basic computer skills and understand terminology and concepts.  Learn how to navigate the desktop and Start Menu.  Launch and exit programs, save and retrieve files.  Learn how to begin browsing the internet and understand antivirus software. Class content will vary depending on the needs of the class.

Module 1: Introducing Computers and Operating Systems
  • Using and navigating desktop and icons using the mouse
  • Using Windows Explorer
  • Starting and closing a program

Module 2: Introducing Internet and Email
  • Creating an email account
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Sending and attaching files to email
  • Using Google and other search engines to search information

Module 3: Introducing Word Processing
  • Saving and finding a document on computer
  • Access files
  • Cut and paste onto word document
  • Basic formatting i.e. fonts, size, colours

Call 9531 1954 or email for more information.


Students need to fill out an enrolment form per class, and payment is required before the course starts to secure a place.

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