Our Guests

The most important asset to our house are the people who come in and out every day. We calculate that between 140 and 180 people come in every week day and about a 100 on every weekend day. Among our visitors we have our students (go to Courses), facility hirers and users, community groups and clubs (go to Community), our child-care visitors (go to Child Care), workshops and activities participants (go to Centre Activities), Internet Café users (go to Services), our volunteers (go to Volunteers) and anyone who may need assistance, information or just want to find out more about the community when they move into Elwood or St. Kilda.

We would like to acknowledge local residents and local businesses for their support throughout the years.

Everyone is involved in caring for the house

Our doors are open for everyone, we enjoy having all our visitors and also have available classrooms, a kitchen, a kitchenette and toilets for their use. The toilets for public use are located outside the house. There is an internal toilet for use only by disabled customers, mothers with children and staff.

As in our homes, we  like to keep all our cups, mugs and dishes clean, so please place cutlery and crockery in the dishwasher after use. If the dishwasher is already on, place the items on top of the sink. When the dishwasher it is full, there is soap in the cupboard under the sink. If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, please spare some time to place them in the cupboard.

The City of Port Phillip provides cleaners who do the floors and toilets every evening, however keeping everything else clean and tidy is the shared responsibility of our part-time staff and volunteers.

Please contact the Centre Manager if you are willing to help us keep the house clean and tidy.  We would really appreciate your assistance.