Seeking Volunteers

In keeping with our mission to promote sustainable practices in our community we are creating a KITCHEN LIBRARY and KITCHEN GARDEN at Elwood Neighbourhood House!

The Kitchen Library will allow people to borrow kitchen appliances instead of purchasing them, which helps save money and fulfil recipe dreams!  The opportunity to try new gadgets without having to purchase or store them helps to reduce the often-inevitable kitchen clutter and collection of single-use gadgets sitting idly by, taking up space.

The Kitchen Garden will provide organic, edible, aromatic and beautiful produce for sharing with the community.

Our vision is that the Kitchen Library and Kitchen Garden will be driven by community spirit and desires, and volunteers will be a vital force. 

We are keen to hear from community members who are passionate about sustainability and excited by the opportunity to be involved in establishing these new programs and increasing sustainable practices in our community.

Kitchen Garden – we’re seeking a small team of volunteers to donate a regular few hours across 2-3 months to create the kitchen garden, from the ground up! What to plant, how and where.

Kitchen Library –  we’re seeking a small team of volunteers to give a few hours per week to assist with establishing and maintaining the kitchen library program, for a minimum of 3 months.

Get involved and help us grow these exciting programs!

Let us know your interested  by emailing us here: