Room Hire

We have 4 rooms available for hire – 2 classrooms, a computer room and a beautiful function room. You can hire any space for your activity, to celebrate a birthday or to hold a workshop or meeting.

Hirers have access to a kitchen equipped with a fridge, large oven and hot water on tap and to a kitchenette near the function room. There is an internal toilet for the use of people in wheelchairs.  Toilets for general use are accessible from the verandah. The community house is a relaxed environment that can cater for groups from 10 to 70 participants.

Room 1

  • Capacity up to 15 people
  • Tables and chairs
  • White board
  • Powerpoints
  • Access to kitchen

Room 2

  • Capacity up to 30 people 
  • Tables and chairs
  • White board
  • Powerpoints
  • Access to kitchen 

Rooms 3 and 4 - together

  • Capacity up to 70 people
  • Some tables and chairs available
  • Some easels available
  • Access to kitchen and kitchenette

Computer Lab.

  • 12 pc desktops
  • Connected to internet
  • Tables and chairs
  • White board
  • Access to kitchen


Note – Rooms 3 and 4 (as one room) hire fee is $50 per hour

Our standard booking fee is $35 per hour, for rooms 1 or 2 and $50 for the combined rooms 3 and 4. However, there are a few considerations to take into account before you go ahead with the booking. Please read the notes and the Term and Conditions document below.

  • Casual bookings are one-off events (workshops, meetings, work functions or similar) and short activity sequences of less than six consecutive sessions.
  • The fee for using the combined rooms 3 and 4 for a Children’s Parties is $100 for the minimum booking time of two hours. Additional hours are charged at $40 per hour.  Booking time includes time to set up and to clean up afterwards. The combined rooms 3 & 4 are very popular for their combined size and because of their proximity to the public park with play equipment behind the house.  This is a casual booking.
  • Ongoing bookings are for regular visitors to the centre, who develop activities for the community that are available for six or more consecutive sessions. For example weekly on Tuesdays or every day during school times. For these regular hirers,  a sliding scale of room hire fees applies:

Individual Room

(Class room 1 or 2)

Double  Room

(Room 3/4)

1 hour / $35

1 hour / $-

2 hours / $70

2 hours / $100

3 hours / $105

3 hours / $140

4 hours / $140

4 hours / $180

5 hours / $175

5 hours / $220

6 hours / $210

6 hours / $260

7 hours / $245

7 hours / $300

8 hours/ $280

8 hours/ $340

  • If your application is for a time / date that is unavailable we will email you to advise and negotiate an alternative if possible.
  • Bookings are not finalised until payment is received. For casual bookings this is the full amount due; for ongoing bookings a deposit of one month’s rent is due.
  • Once your application is received we email you to advise of payment details; payment as described above is due within one week of your application.
  • It is your responsibility to inform us if you intend to hire entertainment and to tell us what it is. In some cases we require a Certificate of Currency from the entertainer; some forms of entertainment may contravene house rules.
  • Once your booking is confirmed and finalised, failure to give at least two weeks’ notice of cancellation will result in the standard rental fee being charged.
  • For bookings it is necessary to collect a key during office hours; a $30 cash refundable key deposit is payable when the key is collected.  Please note that failure to return the key on the first business day after the event will incur a late fee of $50 and loss of the $30 deposit. Key loss will result in an $80 fee.
  • Our 3-4 room includes the use of up to 50 adult chairs, 15 children chairs and 3 trestle tables.
  • The BBQ and the park outside the house are provided by the City of Port Phillip Council and their use is on a first come basis.


Room Hire Application Form