Our office is opening on Monday 8th November.

Directions for Metro Melbourne and Regional Victorian neighbourhood houses, as of 11.59pm, 18 November 2021

The following requirements fall under the Open Premises Directions (5).

Non-essential visits and activities

Proof of full vaccination will be required at the entrance to the premises for people over 12 years and 2 months of age, visiting the neighbourhood house for all non-essential visits and activities such as social groups, physical recreation classes, arts and craft classes, community events etc. 

  • COVID Check-In Marshall required
  • Fully vaccinated** indoors: No density quotient or person cap
  • Fully vaccinated** outdoors: No density quotient or person cap

** includes people with a medical exemption and children under 12 years and 2 months of age. Please note: from 6pm 12 November, a letter/medical certificate is no longer considered valid proof of medical exemption. Find out more.

Essential support and services
  • Vaccination status not required for:
    • Contactless collection i.e. “click and collect”
    • Essential public support groups e.g. AA meetings: DQ4, 50 person cap
    • Essential public support services e.g. food banks: DQ4, 50 person cap

These activities where vaccination status is not required must be held in separate spaces to any non-essential activity, ensuring people coming to your house for essential services aren’t able to crossover and mix with people coming for non-essential activities. 

Adult education (pre and accredited training)
  • Students must be fully vaccinated to return to onsite learning (patrons and workers for hands-on training that can’t be delivered remotely are exempt – see Clause 22.2)