Chooks of Poets Garden


Chook Promo

Chickens are known to be exceptionally valuable in terms of organic gardening. They help to enrich the soil and compost as well as acting as natural insect controllers. Our chooks are a great attraction for the younger generations which also provides members with a conversation piece to begin interfacing with other locals visiting the park. It has transpired that our hens are probably Poets Garden’s greatest ambassadors! Let us introduce our wonderful girls…….


Oprah - reduced  Leg band - Orange


Our most generous and inspirational chook. Has actually been observed offering a prized snail to another chook, out of the kindness of her heart. In the past her weight has fluctuated under pressure of the public gaze, but now she’s just happy with who she is.

Likes: Eating snails. Scratching dirt.

 Dislikes: Avocado skins. Having her wings clipped.


Nicole - reduced

Leg band - Lavender




An elegant chook with a tendency to be broody. Completely denies rumours about the nature of her previous relationship with rooster called  ‘Maverick’. It’s absolutely unfounded. Really!

Likes: Golden yolk layers pellets- yum!  Sitting on nest with imaginary eggs for days on end.

Dislikes: Salty food scraps. Foxes


Julianne - reduced

Leg band - Black


Has an empathy with emotionally troubled chooks. You can see it in her face.

Likes: Leafy greens, especially kale. Dust baths.

Dislikes: The pecking order. Tomato leaves.




Cate - reduced

Leg band - Green



Has an obvious regal demeanour.  Has been noticed playing the role of queen of the brood on several occasions. Can stubbornly refuse to go in to roosting area when its time.

Likes: Perching. Free ranging.

Dislikes: Barking dogs. Potato leaves.



Whoopi - reduced Leg band - White


The comedian of the brood, with a BIG personality. Enjoys watching your face when you tread in her strategically placed poo. Occasionally dresses up as a nun, just for a laugh.

Likes: Eating sunflower seeds. Making you work by playing chasey, when it’s time to go back into the pen.

Dislikes: Chook lice.  Onions.