Student price increase, effective Term 3 2017


13th June 2017




Dear Student,


We are proud of our English programs and delivery at the Elwood Neighbourhood Learning Centre (ESNLC) and our teachers are excellent and love their job.


ESNLC is a not for profit community organisation and since 2002 we have not increased our prices. However, we need to implement a small increase to certain student categories to cover increasing costs of resourcing the English classes.


Please find below a table of old prices and our new prices that will be effective as of Term 3 2017.


Old Price New Price
English Literacy & English Conversation (3 hour class) Resident per term  $         65  $         75
Concession per term  $         45  $         55
Non resident  per term  $       145  $       145
Casual class  $         15  $         20
English Beginner, Pre-Intermediate & English Intermediate (4 hour class) Resident per term  $         85  $         95
Concession per term  $         55  $         65
Non resident  per term  $       195  $       195
Casual class  $         20  $         25



We will continue to provide you with best service and the most supportive study environment so that you can learn in a positive way. Thank you very much for coming to our English classes and we look forward to delivering more classes for our community.


Kind Regards,



Simone Jamieson


9531 1954