Intermediate Computers: Get that Job!


Use Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point to an Intermediate level. Introduction to iPads, tablets and smart phones. Understand the basics of Power Point and Create a LinkedIn Profile.

Use multimedia skills on internet including marketing.

Course details:

  • Starting Tuesday 16th July 2019
  • Day & time: Tuesday – 9:30 am to 3 pm
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $100 ($70 conc.)

Intermediate Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Computers
  • Lesson 1: Computer Hardware
  • Lesson 2: Computer Operating Systems and Applications
  • Lesson 3: Saving and Storing on Desktop and Laptop Computers
Module 2: Productivity Tools
  • Lesson 1: Word Processing
  • Lesson 2: Spreadsheets
  • Lesson 3: Multimedia Presentations
Module 3: The Internet, Email, and Communicating Online
  • Lesson 1: The Internet
  • Lesson 2: Email
  • Lesson 3: Online Communication  
Module 4: Keeping Safe Online
  • Lesson 1: Strong Passwords
  • Lesson 2: Your Digital Footprint
  • Lesson 3: Online Scams
  • Lesson 4: Web Site Evaluation
  • Lesson 5: Safe Online Shopping
Module 5: Social Media and Online Communities
  • Lesson 1: Social Networks and Online Communities
  • Lesson 2: Media Sharing
  • Lesson 3: Safety for Social Media
Module 6: Exploring Entrepreneurship

Learn advanced word-processing skills as you think about a small business you would like to start. You will use lists and tables to generate, organize, evaluate, and prioritize your business ideas; choose one idea to focus on, and then begin the process of creating a business plan to put your idea into action, giving and receiving feedback on the components of a business plan, and creating a table of contents for your business plan using heading styles.

  • Lesson 1: Developing a Business Idea
  • Lesson 2: Developing a Business Plan  
Module 7: Market Your Business

Develop marketing materials and use digital communication strategies to communicate your messages to others. You will use word processing templates to create a logo and brand for your business; create materials for face-to-face and online marketing using presentation software; and get customer feedback using online forms.

  • Lesson 1: Image and Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Your Public Image
 Module 8: Money Management

Use spreadsheets to learn how to carefully plan and manage money, which is an integral part of operating a successful business or managing a family budget. You will learn how to use data validation lists; track your income and expenses; and develop a cash flow for your sales.

  • Lesson 1: Managing Your Cash Flow

To enrol in any of these courses please bring in this form with details by fax on 95311754 or call 9531 1954.

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