Feldenkrais – “Bones for Life”®


Body alignment and Strengthening of Bone with increased Bone Density is achieved through the “Bones For Life”® Program.

The program consists of a series of simple dynamic lessons to improve bone health with gentle weight bearing movements to stimulate bone strength and to ease joint pain with simple exercises. You will gain flexibility, improve your posture,and experience greater vitality and well-being.

Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Please bring a yoga mat or large towel


Ruth’s classes help you to improve your bone health with gentle weight-bearing movements to stimulate bone strength. It is suitable for people of all ages and fitness level.

Starting Thursday 12th October to 14th December 2017 from 2pm-3pm

Bookings required $100 for 10 weeks or casual individual classes $15

For further details contact Ruth Avery on 9531 7222 or visit www.bonesforlife.com