Are you ready for a positive change?


Learn about the online jobseeking world (MyGov, Centrelink, SEEK).  Practice workplace communication.  Writing your resume and addressing selection criteria.  Practice interviews.

  • Starting  Thursday 2nd May until 4th July
  • Day & Time: Thursday – 1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Cost: Free for Australian Residents.

It will nurture your wellbeing, confidence and resilience. We will support you to set goals and take charge of your life.

Week 1 & 2 – Tony Cafini


  1. MyGov online and AP

Have an overview of the Centrelink digital service taught by long term job seeker

  • Register for a Centrelink online account with My Gov
  • Download the Express Plus mobile App (Free)
  • Learn how to log on and use a Centrelink online account password
  • Set up a four digit PIN & accept terms and conditions
  • Learn to navigate the app
  • Learn about the digital wallet
  • View their digital Medicare Card
  • View their Medicare claim history
  • Learn to update their profile and contact details
  • Learn about the Medicare Safety Net balance
  • Learn to capture and upload documents
  • Learn to report employment income on the App
  • Learn to view, estimate and update income
  1. Using different online Job Seeking sites


Week 3 to 6 – 8 hours – Karen McKnight


  • Check your Voicemail, email address and Facebook
  • How to Make a Great First Impression
  • Active Listening
  • Body Language
  • How to Start a Conversation/smalltalk
  • the Art of Self Disclosure – How not to Overshare & 5 safe topics you can talk about with anyone
  • Negotiating Difficult Conversations
  • Assertive Conversation
  • Personal Presentation
  • How to communicate by email and answer a phone
  • How to handle feedback

Week 7 & 8 – 4 hours – Karen McKnight



Week 9 & 10 – 4 hours– Karen McKnight


How to prepare for and perform your best at an interview; Including mock interviews

Types of interview, successful interviews preparation including: business research questions to ask personal presentation

How to follow up on an interview or application

Please contact Melanie Norton on 9531 1954 if you are interested in this course. Eligibility applies.